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Jan 08, 2018 · Early shellfish such as clams arose more than 500 million years ago, when atmospheric CO2 was 10 to 15 times higher than it is today.14 Clearly, the pH of the oceans did not cause the extinction of corals or shellfish or they would not be here today. Or as the chart below illustrates, where it has recently been increasing by more than 4.00 parts per million per year. Since Indonesia's wildfires have ended, we've been watching the rate at which CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere is being added begin to fall back to more normal levels. This provided evidene showing, among other things, that atmospheric CO 2 levels fluctuated between 213 ppm (+30/-28) and 283 ppm (+30/-32) during the period from 900,000 years ago to 2.1 million years ago. This is similar to the range of 172 to 300 ppm established by the ice core record.

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May 03, 2013 · A 2011 study in the journal Paleoceanography found that atmospheric CO2 levels may have been comparable to today’s as recently as sometime between 2 and 4.6 million years ago, during the ...

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This interactive chart shows the year-on-year growth rate in global CO 2 emissions.. A positive figure in a given year indicates that emissions were higher than the previous year. A negative figure indicates they were lower than the year before. For example, a change of 1.5% indicates that global emissions were 1.5% higher than the previous year [-1.5% would mean they were 1.5% lower].

Climate scientists show from historical readings that the current CO 2 level of around 380 ppm-parts per million has been exceeded many times. The Dinosaurs survived just fine when the CO 2 concentrations exceeded 2,000 ppm and 450 million years ago during an ice age the CO 2 levels exceeded 4,000 ppm.

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